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Event Types

Post by Oopsisin on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:39 pm

Below is a list of events and their instructions/rules. I hope to host one of these events every week. Check back to the Events topic for a chance to vote for the next weeks event! Prizes for each event are subject to change and will be announced before every event.

Scavanger Hunt
Participation:6+ team competition
Duration:15-45 min
Judges Needed:2-3.Go to a set place for start, finish, and Free Market.

Members will be divided into even groups and race to obtain items.

1.) Everyone gathers in a certain place prior to the event, where they will be divided into teams.
2.) On the signal, a judge posts the list onto the BBS and the hunt will begin!
3.) Teams may travel as a group or split up to obtain items.
4.) First team back wins.
5.) Under no circumstance should anyone buy any of the items from the Free Market. The FM is off limits.

Participation: 6+ (2 man team competition)
Judges needed:2-3,one at top of eos tower and one at bottom
Preparation:A stopwatch, lvl 1 clothes

Extremely simple concept, one person is teamed up with another, first one down Eos tower wins.

1.) In a two man team, one wears nothing but lvl 1 clothing so a few hits by any monster will kill him/her.
2.) On the signal, the teams attempt to go down the tower.
3.) Only the "escort" (one in normal clothing) is allowed to fight.
4.) If you die and spawn at the top of the tower, continue going again.
5.) If you die and spawn in el nath, go find the judge at the bottom of the tower and he/she will add an extra 3 min the current time.
6.) Once you reach the bottom the judge will stop your time.
7.) Team with shortest time wins!

Hide and Seek
Participation: 10+ solo or team competition
Duration:10-30 min
Judges needed:2-3 no specified location
Preparation: Get a particular person to dress up in noticeable equips

1.) The judges then tell participants what to look for (or post a pic somewhere), never tell the name of the hider only the outfit to look for.
2.) On the signal, players disperse (in divided teams or alone) and attempt to find the hider.
3.) The judges will constantly give out clues to the hideout of the person through guild chat.
4.) First person/team to find the hider wins!

Participation: 5+, solo competition
Duration:5-20 min
Judges needed:2
Preparation: Choose a jump quest map, one judge goes to the top beforehand while one stays at the bottom.

1.) Every participant gathers in a particular map.
2.) After the signal is given the race is on.
3.) First one to complete the JQ wins.

Minigame Tournament
Participation: 6+ solo competition
Duration: 10-20min
Judges Needed: 2-3
Preparation: 3-6 omok sets/match cards needed

1.) First draw up a tournament order.
2.) Once you decided on a tournament style let the games begin!
3.) Before anyone starts a game they both check in first with a judge. The judge counts how much loses and wins they have to ensure fair play (so the person who lost doesn't claim the win).
4.) After both players check in, they may open up and start.
5.) Winner of the game go back to the judge and announce the results.
6.) Judge records it down and the players await their next match.
7.) The player with the most wins is the winner.

Around the World
Participation: 6+ team competition
Duration: 30min +
Judges needed: 4+ placed all around Maple community

Participants will race to a set location, where they will receive the next location from a judge. First one to finish the race wins!

1.) Participants are divided into two-four man teams.
2.) On the signal the teams are told a location by a judge.
3.) Teams head to that location to find the judge who'll send them to the next location.
4.) Teams then make their way to the third location judge, who'll send them to the next location, and so forth.
5.) All team members must be present to receive the next location.
6.) Team who goes to the finish location first wins![/b]


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