Rules of EnGarde

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Rules of EnGarde

Post by Oopsisin on Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:37 am

Below you will find a list of guild rules and guidelines.

1.) Be respectful to all members and Maplestory players both in-game and on the forums. Remember, if you are wearing the guild name, you are a direct representation of the guild and its values.

2.) Absolutely no hacking/exploiting, spamming, scamming, KSing, or loot stealing. This list is not limited to these offenses; if you have a question about what kind of behavior is acceptable, you can ask a staff member.

3.) NO begging! Asking for help/items is one thing, but begging is another. Do NOT beg!

4.) Be active. At this point in time, I am defining the term 'Active' as logging in at least once per week. This time constraint is subject to change.


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